« En el sector del mercado bursátil nos guiamos por tres consignas: integridad, porque no podemos perdernos ni una sola operación; disponibilidad permanente y gobernanza en un mercado sumamente regulado. Talend ha cumplido esas expectativas. »
Abderrahmane Belarfaoui, Chief Data Officer (CDO), Euronext
100 TB of transaction history
One of the largest databases in Europe, with 1.5 billion messages per day
From 200 person-days to one click
for tracking data
Ten times more
iso-budget data generated

Becoming a “data trader”

Following its split from the New York Stock Exchange in 2014, Euronext became the first pan-European exchange in the eurozone, fusing together the stock markets of Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, and Paris. In 2016, Euronext began the typical process of migrating its data to the AWS cloud. Except that this migration had nothing typical about it at all. First off, the Euronext database contained 100 TB of data– one of the biggest in Europe.

Then there was the fact that this was not just a simple transfer of a database to a hosted platform. The idea was to create a governed data lake with self-service access for business units and clients in an effort to monetize new services and generate additional revenues.