Data Integration and ETL

Maintain data agility and accelerate time-to-compliance.

ETL to a Data Warehouse

Accessing high quality data is the first step to enabling analytics. Creating connectors and transformations to parse, aggregate, cleanse and enrich data from different sources into a data warehouse can take months of hand coding. Talend’s drag-and-drop graphical UI makes it easy to develop and deploy data integration jobs up to 10 times faster.

Why Your Next Data Warehouse Should Be in the Cloud

Improving BI and Analytics

The deeper your data goes, the better your BI and analytics can be. With over 900 components and connectors and data governance controls, Talend helps connect data across ERP, CRM, web applications and other siloes, on premises and in the cloud, giving you access to the full picture of your data with great data quality.

Land Registry improves BI with Talend

Data Migration and Consolidation

To keep data consistent across heterogeneous systems with different data formats requires on-going, complex data mapping. Talend provides one platform to extract, transform, and load across all your data sources. Graphical drag-and-drop tools and 900+ components and connectors make it easy to map and transform data.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Data Quality Everywhere

Gartner estimates that poor data quality costs large firms an average of $14.2 million a year. Talend embeds data quality across the platform. End-to-end profiling, cleansing, matching, and monitoring capabilities enable you to identify anomalies, standardize data, resolve duplicates, and monitor data quality over time.

Embed Real-Time Data Quality into your Business Processes and Applications

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