Data Governance and MDM

Turn data into a trusted, shareable business asset.

360-Degree View

To compete for your customers’ trust and loyalty, you need to know all the ways they interact with your company. Talend’s unified platform integrates historic and real-time data into a single “version of the truth” for real time insights, recommendations and actions across on-premises, cloud and mobile applications.

Lenovo — Having the 360° View of the Customer

Data Control and Governance

There’s no data-driven enterprise without proper data governance. Without control and traceability, data security, data privacy and regulatory compliance policies may be at risk. Talend draws a holistic view of the information supply chain in a language everyone understands, while empowering the people responsible for data to manage risk and compliance, reduce change costs, and improve accessibility.

A 16-Step Data Governance Plan for Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Data Quality Everywhere

Gartner estimates that poor data quality costs large firms an average of $14.2 million a year. Talend embeds data quality across cloud, big data, and real-time integration. End-to-end profiling, cleansing, matching, and monitoring capabilities enable you to identify anomalies, standardize data, resolve duplicates, and monitor data quality over time.

Better Data Quality for All

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What Our Customers Say

“Cleansing and consolidating consumer data enables us to deliver the kind of personalized experience today’s consumers deserve and expect.”

Steve Brennan, Vice President, Data Strategy and Analytics, Carhartt, Inc.

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