Data Services

Meet the demand for faster, more agile integration.

Application Integration

When departments choose their own applications, silos form and customer service, order fulfillment, and business decision-making suffer. Using Talend’s open source architecture based on Apache Camel, CXF, and ActiveMQ, you can create and connect SOAP and REST services across all your applications, and mediate service interactions. Easily share information in real-time with Talend’s 900+ components and connectors.

Data Services

Pulling together a single view of data from databases, data warehouses and flat files spread across departments can be extremely time-consuming. With Talend, you can build a virtual data layer on top of disparate silos to integrate data in real-time and enforce stringent data quality rules with a SOA-based architecture. Developers can publish web services, data services, and messaging routes—all from a single user interface.

SOA with an Enterprise Service Bus

Tightly-coupled, point-to-point integration workflows require significant coding to add new applications and services or update existing systems, leaving less time to respond to new business requests. Based on high-speed and reliable messaging, Talend ESB decouples application logic from an integration workflow by building an agile layer of loosely coupled services with guaranteed message delivery for mission critical environments.

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Application Integration

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Talend Data Fabric

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"With Talend, we collect all types of data -- water, temperature, electricity, pollution, noise data, etc. -- and analyze them to develop innovative public services in smart cities."

Xavier Diab, IT Director, Birdz